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Chinese Zodiac 2020 Forecast 庚子年生肖运程

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

鼠 2020 RAT 子


庚子 2020 01

戊子 2008 13

丙子 1996 25

甲子 1984 37

壬子 1972 49

庚子 1960 61

戊子 1948 73

Overall Fortune: You will have the chance of promotion in 2020. Suitable to lead with authority with the auspicious benefactor's help. For those who are already in leadership role, your ability to lead will be enhanced and be recognized by others this year. As 2020 is the Year of the Rat, be wary of accident and unexpected changes. Be careful when handling any sharp or metallic objects such as knife. May have surgical operation. Stay alert on the road and take good care of your health. Pregnant ladies will need to take extra care this year to ensure smooth baby delivery.


牛 2020 OX 丑


己丑 2009 12

丁丑 1997 24

乙丑 1985 36

癸丑 1973 48

辛丑 1961 60

己丑 1949 72

Overall Fortune: You will be filled with positive energy in 2020 to unleash your potential. You can enjoy excellent wealth, career and relationship luck. You will be able to turn adversity into advantage with the auspicious benefactor's help. Stay focus and be objective in your goals. Go forth with a realistic plan to increase your chance of success in your endeavour. As you will travel more often this year, you will need to take better care of your health. Stay righteous to prevent others from accusing you wrongly.


虎 2020 TIGER 寅


庚寅 2010 11

戊寅 1998 23

丙寅 1986 35

甲寅 1974 47

壬寅 1962 59

庚寅 1950 71

Overall Fortune: You will do well in sales related job. Suitable to take up overseas assignment too. Watch out not to overeat as you will take more interests in food this year. Pay more attention to the health of the elderly at home especially those who are suffering from chronic illness. Be more sensitive in dealing with others. Think before you talk to avoid offending people.


兔 2020 RABBIT 卯


辛卯 2011 10

己卯 1999 22

丁卯 1987 34

乙卯 1975 46

癸卯 1963 58

辛卯 1951 70

Overall Fortune: You will enjoy excellent property and wealth luck this year. A smooth year for ladies with the female benefactor's help. A good year for relationship and to get married. Avoid entanglement with people or money. Beware of complicated love relationship that will affect your family. It is important to maintain harmonious family relationship in order to avoid conflict and dispute at home.


龍 2020 DRAGON 辰


壬辰 2012 09

庚辰 2000 21

戊辰 1988 33

丙辰 1976 45

甲辰 1964 57

壬辰 1952 69

Overall Fortune: 2020 is a good year for career. You can enjoy excellent career luck. You are able to gain trust at your workplace with the help of the authoritative benefactor. Your talent will be augmented this year, especially beneficial to those who engage in creative work. Students will have good examination luck too. Beware of legal or partnership dispute. You may lose money due to greed. Except for family members, closed relatives and friends, avoid to visit patient in hospital or to attend funeral wake. Beware of sickness caused by pets.


蛇 2020 SNAKE 巳


癸巳 2013 08

辛巳 2001 20

己巳 1989 32

丁巳 1977 44

乙巳 1965 56

癸巳 1953 68

Overall Fortune: Lack of auspicious stars in 2020 for person born in the Year of the Snake. Fortunately, there is a nobleman star shining on you to help you to solve problem and to avert disaster. Beware of blackmail scam, theft or lost of important document. For those holding dangerous jobs, please be more careful to avoid accident. You may lose some money due to lawsuit, sickness, costly entertainment or expensive gifts for loved ones.


馬 2020 HORSE 午


甲午 2014 07

壬午 2002 19

庚午 1990 31

戊午 1978 43

丙午 1966 55

甲午 1954 67

Overall Fortune: 2020 is a bad year for person born in the Year of the Horse as there are no auspicious stars. As 2020 is the Year of the Rat, beware of accident or injury. You may experience a lot of unexpected changes this year. Not suitable to take long trip. Must be patient. Be cautious of wealth loss due to greed. Need to put in more effort to maintain good couple relationship. May suffer from anxiety or mild depression, so it is important for you to maintain good mental health this year.


羊 2020 GOAT 未


乙未 2015 06

癸未 2003 18

辛未 1991 30

己未 1979 42

丁未 1967 54

乙未 1955 66

Overall Fortune: 2020 is a fantastic year for person born in the Year of the Goat. There are four auspicious stars shining brightly on you. A smooth year with great achievement in both status and fame with the benefactor's help. Able to turn adversity into opportunity and to enjoy abundance of happiness. You can resolve property related problem this year with the blessing of auspicious star. Take care of your health in order to prevent any serious issue relating to heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure. Seek doctor's help when you are not feeling well. Beware of malevolent person who might inflict harm on you. Stay away from places with natural disaster.


猴 2020 MONKEY 申


丙申 2016 05

甲申 2004 17

壬申 1992 29

庚申 1980 41

戊申 1968 53

丙申 1956 65

Overall Fortune: Salary staff can enjoy increment and promotion this year. Beware of conflict and rumour caused by malevolent person. Stay alert on the road to avoid traffic accident. Beware of legal dispute and sexual misconduct. Maintain a healthy body and mind. Be cautious of killing object falling from building.


雞 2020 ROOSTER 酉


丁酉 2017 04

乙酉 2005 16

癸酉 1993 28

辛酉 1981 40

己酉 1969 52

丁酉 1957 64

Overall Fortune: This is a great year for the Rooster as you are blessed with many auspicious stars. The fortune star is shining brightly on you to ensure a smooth year. You are able to turn adversity into advantage. A good year for loving couple to get married. However, married couples will need to stay away from temptation to avoid having extramarital affair outside. You will have good luck in your career. Harness your excellent interpersonal relationship with others to resolve problem. Beware of family conflict and dispute. Pay more attention to the health of the elderly in the family.


狗 2020 DOG 戌


戊戌 2018 03

丙戌 2006 15

甲戌 1994 27

壬戌 1982 39

庚戌 1970 51

戊戌 1958 63

Overall Fortune: Able to turn adversity into opportunity with the help of the auspicious benefactor. Be cautious of injury or getting yourself hurt by sharp objects such as knife. May have surgical operation. Stay alert on the road to avoid car accident. Be more careful when doing any form of water sport to avoid drowning. Married couple is recommended to spend more time together to achieve family harmony at home. Take care of the health of the elderly in the family.


猪 2020 PIG 亥


己亥 2019 02

丁亥 2007 14

乙亥 1995 26

癸亥 1983 38

辛亥 1971 50

己亥 1959 62

Overall Fortune: Beneficial to students who are seeking for more knowledge. Able to achieve good results in their studies. Must maintain good health. See the doctor at the earliest sign of sickness before it gets serious. Pay more attention to your health in order to prevent headache, mental stress or insomnia issue. Prepare to make changes in order to blend in with the new environment to avoid potential problem or conflict.

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