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Feng Shui Master Chen Hui Fu receives good reviews for baby naming. Recommended by many of his clients for his good service, friendliness, patience & professionalism. He is considered one of the best Feng Shui Master by some of his clients. The most common use of auspicious naming is to pick a good name for a newborn baby. As such, many Chinese married couples till today engage a good Feng Shui Master for baby naming. 

What is Auspicious Naming:

古谚有云: 名不正則言不順. Many Chinese believe in the importance of having an auspicious name. Our name is a gift from our parents and it uniquely represents us. Our name embodies an important communicative message to others and could have a positive influence on our fate and luck as well as on our career success. As a result, a good name can give us an excellent head start in life. 

Our basic principles for Auspicious Naming are as follows:
1. 要有三好:好记,好叫和好听。
2. 看其名,知其意。
3. 用普遍使用的汉字。
4. 无谐音。

Feng Shui Master Chen Hui Fu propose auspicious names through a vigorous process based on a person's Ba Zi [生辰八字], the Chinese Zodiac Animal he or she is born under as well as applying the 81 Strokes method a.k.a. 3 Talents and 5 Structures [三才五格八十一笔划] to match the auspicious name. As Feng Shui Master Chen Hui Fu's screening process is stringent, our clients can rest assured that the auspicious names he proposes are most suitable for them. Do contact us for our rate now.
We also provide a consultation service for Corporate Naming and Name Card Designing.


Benefits of Auspicious Naming:

  • An auspicious name provides an excellent kick-start for the baby. Married couples hope that their baby with a good name will be able to attain achievements in life and to inherit the good qualities that come with the auspicious name.

  • An auspicious business name can enhance a new business to achieve success.

Who needs Auspicious Naming:

  • A newborn baby [嬰兒取名]

  • Any person wishes to make his or her name better [成人改名]

  • Business owner

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