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Bazi Master Chen Hui Fu receives many good reviews for his accurate Bazi reading. Recommended by many of his clients for his good service, patience and professionalism. He is considered one of the best Feng Shui Master by some of his clients. He will guide you on the right career path and he does compatibility analysis for you and your life partner. He shares his Bazi knowledge in the Feng Shui and Bazi Blog. You are welcome to visit our blog site at any time. Feel free to contact us for our rate now.

Fate and Luck Analysis using Zi Ping Ba Zi [子平八字]

Bazi is not based on superstition or religion as some people might choose to believe in.  In fact, Bazi is a Science that uses a systematic methodology based on observational data collected over 5,000 years of Chinese history to derive one's fate and fortune. There is absolutely no random calculation involved as randomness will only point to superstition. Bazi uses the Law of Nature namely the workings of the Five Elements [五行] in its calculation to derive a person's fate and fortune. It is interesting to note that the Five Elements refer to the 5 major planets in our universe that create the five dimensions of earth life.

According to scientists' astronomical findings, Planet Jupiter is the largest in our solar system. Jupiter can be visible to our naked eye in a clear night sky. As such it's existence has been known to ancient civilizations since before recorded history.  Astronomers believe that Jupiter can affect Earth's climate and life forms, and protects Earth from comets and asteroids. Jupiter takes 12 years to rotate around the Sun. This is represented by the Twelve Earth Branches in Bazi Analysis that correlates with the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals. The planetary movement of Earth and the other 5 planets namely Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury around the Sun will take 60 years for them to return to their original positions. This occurrence contributes to the establishment of Sixty Jia Zi [六十甲子] Calendar that we use in Bazi Analysis as well.

In many Asian cultures, people believe that fate is predestined but a person's luck can be improved if he/she knows in advance the approach of bad luck and searches for ways to mitigate its bad effects on time.

One might agree that going with nature is better than going against it. Hence, the Chinese proverb 知自之明 expresses the need to understand oneself or one's situation and the advantage to know one's strengths and shortcomings. 

We are unable to go against destiny but we are still better off knowing the odds, rather than being completely ignorant. The analogy of this argument is that if there is a pit in front of you, would you choose to be ignorant to walk right into the pit or choose to know so that you can try to walk round the large hole?

女怕嫁错郎, 男怕选错行. Picking the right Career and Life Partner are always the burning questions on everyone’s mind. Our good Bazi Master Chen Hui Fu can help to put you on the right path for Career and Spouse Relationship. You do not want to lose out to your peers in terms of career progression because you picked to join the wrong industry from the start. Being right the first time will help you to excel in your career faster than others. As jobs are harder to come by during this difficult Covid-19 period, making the correct career choice is the key. You will be able to identify a good opportunity when it comes your way. Besides career, Bazi Master Chen can also provide guidance for a harmonious relationship and marriage. Bazi analysis can be used to check on your partner's compatibility in order to avoid potential marital relationship problems in the future.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis

Destiny Analysis using Zi Wei Dou Shu [紫微斗数]


Good Feng Shui Masters use a person's date and time of birth based on the Lunar Calendar and Na Yin [纳音] Five Elements to erect the Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart.  Four Transformation [飞星四化] method is used when we do Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis. The Four Transformation method applies 12 palaces as the framework and the Transformation by the Heaven Stem with the 18 Stars to indicate Positive, Power, Noble and Negative Transformation. By linking the Stars residing in the 12 palaces with the linkage of positive and negative energy, we can interpret the direction and severity of a particular situation in question. We can further enhance our analysis by interpreting the character of the Stars involved.

Benefits of Destiny Analysis:

  • To understand ourselves in detail from a Ba Zi perspective. You may not be fully aware of your personality or even your own weaknesses. The Bazi analysis will enable you to maximize your strengths as well as to improve on your weaknesses.

  • During this challenging time of Covid-19, Ba Zi analysis can help to guide you on the right career path so as not to waste precious time and money by joining the wrong industry. You do not want to lose out to your peers in terms of career progression because you picked to join the wrong industry from the start. Being right the first time will help you to excel in your career faster than others. You will be able to identify a good opportunity when it comes your way. Making the correct career choice is the key. 

  • If you are planning to be an entrepreneur, you should know your destiny before proceeding.

  • To know whether your potential spouse can be helpful to you and how your marriage life is going to be.

  • To have an insight into your relationship with your children.

  • To be able to predict your wealth and health Luck.

  • When you can understand what is going on in your life, you are ready to take advantage of a good opportunity when it arises.

  • You can maintain a low profile during years that are unfavourable so as to avoid a misfortune that might arise from ignorance.

Who needs Destiny Analysis:

  • Graduating students who are looking for a job.

  • Working Professionals thinking of changing job or industry.

  • To gain an insight into your own destiny to know if you have what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur.

  • Planning to go into a serious relationship or seeking for a Potential Spouse.

  • You are going through a bout of Bad Luck.

  • You are at a Crossroad and feel a loss in what to do next.

  • To gain an insight into your Wealth & Health status.

  • To do Financial and Retirement Planning.

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