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Feng Shui Master Chen Hui Fu receives good reviews for Feng Shui house audit. Recommended by many of his clients for his accurate Feng Shui reading, good service, patience, friendliness and professionalism. He is considered one of the best Feng Shui Master by some of his clients. He believes in maximizing the flow of auspicious energy to enhance the wealth and health luck of your family. Feel free to visit our Feng Shui and Bazi Blog at any time to learn more about Feng Shui. Do contact us to enquire now.

Purpose of Advocating Good Feng Shui Practices at Home:

  • Recommended Feng Shui Master Chen Hui Fu advocates the classical Feng Shui principle of 趋吉避凶. He employs good Feng Shui practices by propagating wealth and prosperity as well as mitigating the negative energy that might be present in your surroundings.

  • To maximize the flow of good energy in your house to enhance the wealth and health luck of your family members.

Benefits of Employing Good Feng Shui Practices at Home: 

  • Feng Shui is about balancing the surrounding positive energy in your house so that you are able to live peacefully & happily and in harmony with the environment.

  • Feng Shui can help you to achieve what you should have in this life to the fullest.

  • Feng Shui can help you to achieve what you should have in this life in an easier way.

  • Feng Shui can help you to achieve prosperity and good health.

  • Feng Shui can help you to promote family harmony.

  • Feng Shui can help you to avoid potential disaster.

Who needs Feng Shui for House Consultation:

  • When you are planning to buy a new house.

  • When you are planning to do a home renovation.

  • When you are going through difficulties in your life.

  • Things seem to be going wrong in your family.

Our on-site Feng Shui for House report will include:

  • To ascertain the house facing direction.

  • To check for bad energy affecting the house.

  • To mitigate the negative energy coming from the bad Flying Stars that can create misfortune and sickness to the house occupants.

  • For landed homes, we will locate the best spot outside the house based on Dragon Gate Water Theory [三元龙门水法] to place the water fountain in order to receive the auspicious water energy that helps to enhance the wealth and health Luck of the family members.

  • For landed homes, we will make an assessment of the Quality and Luck of the House.

  • To check on the stability of the positive energy flowing within the house. 

  • To advise a good house layout including the placement of furniture. We emphasize on good energy flow so that the house occupants can benefit from an auspicious Feng Shui layout.

  • To identify and activate the house Wealth Sector [生气位] to enhance the wealth luck of the family members.

  • Couple's bedroom arrangement to ensure that the owners' bed is in a good position that enhances couple harmony.

  • Children and/or Single bedroom arrangement to ensure that they can enjoy good health.

  • To identify the 文昌位 to enhance children study capabilities.

  • To identify a good position for the altar if required.

  • To propose Auspicious Dates to commence renovation and to move into a new house.

  • Bazi Bonus for the whole family.

  • To provide practical and affordable solutions that bring peace of mind. No hard sell of expensive Feng Shui ornaments.

  • A summary report of completed Feng Shui Audit.

  • To do a follow-up visit after the Feng Shui Audit.

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