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2019 Chinese Zodiacs Forecast 己亥年生肖运程

Pig 猪

Year of the Pig

Year Born Age

己亥 2019 1

丁亥 2007 13

乙亥 1995 25

癸亥 1983 37

辛亥 1971 49

己亥 1959 61

Overall Fortune : In 2019, those born in the Year of the Pig clash with the Tai Sui 【太岁】. Therefore, you will need to be more cautious in your endeavours and be wary of unexpected changes that will lead to a bad outcome. When you are faced with an obstacle in your career or in a relationship, auspicious Benefactor 【贵人】will be nearby to assist you. Be cautious of accident or getting yourself hurt by sharp or metallic objects. Stay alert on the road and take good care of your health. Pay more attention to family harmony. It is best to avoid suspicion or conflict that will lead to unnecessary argument.


Rat 鼠

Year Born Age

戊子 2008 12

丙子 1996 24

甲子 1984 36

壬子 1972 48

庚子 1960 60

戊子 1948 72

Overall Fortune : You will receive unexpected help from your male boss; colleagues or even from your male subordinates in 2019. Stay focus and be objective in your goals. Go forth with a realistic plan to increase your chance of success in your endeavours. You can turn adversity into opportunity in areas of wealth, career and relationship with the help of the auspicious Benefactor 【贵人】 . Despite the auspicious stars shining on you, things may not go so smoothly for you. Be wary of love conflict. Avoid getting into complicated love relationship or sexual harassment dispute.


Ox 牛

Year Born Age

己丑 2009 11

丁丑 1997 23

乙丑 1985 35

癸丑 1973 47

辛丑 1961 59

己丑 1949 71

Overall Fortune : This is not a good year due to lack of auspicious stars shining on you. Students will see improvement in their academy results. Working adults may have a chance of wage increment. Pay more attention to the health of the elderly at home especially those who are suffering from chronic illness. Be wary of potential wealth loss due to greed. Take good care of your health. Be cautious of falling object from tall building.


Tiger 虎

Year Born Age

庚寅 2010 10

戊寅 1998 22

丙寅 1986 34

甲寅 1974 46

壬寅 1962 58

庚寅 1950 70

Overall Fortune: You can enjoy excellent property and wealth luck in 2019. A smooth year for the ladies with the help of the auspicious female Benefactor 【贵人】. Entrusted with authority, you can enjoy good career progression. Avoid entanglement with people or money. Avoid complicated love relationship. Be more careful to check that documentation is always in correct order. Pay more attention to your health in order to prevent headache; mental stress or insomnia issue. Be more sensitive in dealing with people to avoid conflict or misunderstanding, lest you be isolated by others.


Rabbit 兔

Year Born Age

辛卯 2011 9

己卯 1999 21

丁卯 1987 33

乙卯 1975 45

癸卯 1963 57

辛卯 1951 69

Overall Fortune : You will have the opportunity to lead with authority in 2019. You will see an improvement of status within your company or in society. You will receive opportunities in promotion and wage increase. Excellent luck in career; examination or election with the help of the auspicious Benefactor【贵人】. Be wary of malevolent person 【小人】that can bring harm to you. Be cautious of partnership dispute or loss of wealth due to greed or speculative activities. There may be threats of lawsuit so it is important to avoid dispute or getting into any kind of illegal activity. Be alert when you are moving around outside your home especially to dangers on the road.


Dragon 龙

Year Born Age

壬辰 2012 8

庚辰 2000 20

戊辰 1988 32

丙辰 1976 44

甲辰 1964 56

壬辰 1952 68

Overall Fortune : In 2019, you will be able to overcome obstacles in your work with the help of the auspicious Benefactor【贵人】. You will be able to enjoy excellent interpersonal relationship with people around you. A year filled with happy occasions and marriage celebration. However, you will need to pay more attention to your health and be extra careful to prevent accident or injury of any kind. You tend to be more spendthrift on gifts and entertainment in 2019. Be wary of wealth loss due to unexpected lawsuit or illness. You tend to feel more exhausted from frequent travelling. Need to look after your health.


Snake 蛇

Year Born Age

癸巳 2013 7

辛巳 2001 19

己巳 1989 31

丁巳 1977 43

乙巳 1965 55

癸巳 1953 67

Overall Fortune : 2019 is not a smooth year for those born in the Year of the Snake as you are in direct confrontation with the Tai Sui 【太岁】. Your life will be filled with challenges and obstacles. You will need to take each step with caution to avert disaster. Be wary of potential wealth loss, injury, accident and illness. You are recommended to avoid taking up high risk investments or engaging in speculative activities. Pay more attention to your relationship with spouse. Look after the health of the elderly in the family. Except for family member or close relative, it is better to avoid visiting patient in the hospital or to attend funeral wake . You tend to travel more frequently or may wish to relocate to another place this year. Suitable to take up overseas assignment or sales related job. However, please be careful when you change your career. It is best to take up a familiar job that you have confidence in.


Horse 马

Year Born Age

甲午 2014 6

壬午 2002 18

庚午 1990 30

戊午 1978 42

丙午 1966 54

甲午 1954 66

Overall Fortune : Auspicious stars shine brightly on you in 2019. A great year with excellent achievement in both status and fame. Good progression in career with high promotional chances. Able to turn adversity into advantage and enjoy abundant of happiness. You can resolve property related problems this year with the blessing of auspicious star. Be wary of potential wealth loss due to greed. Take good care of your health in order to prevent any serious issues relating to heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure.


Goat 羊

Year Born Age

乙未 2015 5

癸未 2003 17

辛未 1991 29

己未 1979 41

丁未 1967 53

乙未 1955 65

Overall Fortune : Your talent will be augmented in year 2019, especially beneficial to those who engage in creative work. Be wary of female malevolent person 【小人】that can bring harm to you. You are recommended to avoid money dispute with siblings, friends or relatives. Be more careful this year to prevent injury or accident. May suffer from anxiety or mild depression, so it is important for you to maintain good mental and physical health. Be cautious of potential wealth loss due to greed.


Monkey 猴

Year Born Age

丙申 2016 4

甲申 2004 16

壬申 1992 28

庚申 1980 40

戊申 1968 52

丙申 1956 64

Overall Fortune : A smooth year in career with the help of the auspicious stars shining brightly on you. Able to turn adversity into opportunity. Harness your excellent interpersonal relationship with others to resolve problems. Easy to achieve fame during competition with the help of the auspicious Benefactor【贵人】. Be wary of wealth loss due to theft or loss of important item. Pay more attention to your own health and the health of the elderly in the family. Be wary of malevolent person 【小人】 that can bring harm to you.


Rooster 鸡

Year Born Age

丁酉 2017 3

乙酉 2005 15

癸酉 1993 27

辛酉 1981 39

己酉 1969 51

丁酉 1957 63

Overall Fortune : Beneficial to students who are seeking more knowledge. Able to achieve good results in their studies. Suitable to study overseas. Be cautious of theft. Stay alert to prevent injury or accident. For the female rooster, be more cautious in failed cosmetic surgery. Should you become pregnant in 2019, take good care of yourself to ensure smooth baby delivery. It is paramount that you look after your own health. Do not neglect the health of your family members too.


Dog 狗

Year Born Age

戊戌 2018 2

丙戌 2006 14

甲戌 1994 26

壬戌 1982 38

庚戌 1970 50

戊戌 1958 62

Overall Fortune : Loving couple will get married in 2019. However, marriage couples may face unnecessary temptations outside. Marriage couples are recommended to spend more time together to achieve good family harmony at home. Must maintain good health to prevent illness. See your doctor at the earliest signs of sickness before it gets serious. Be cautious of diseases that can be picked up from pet or animal. Prepare to make changes in order to blend in with the new environment to avoid potential problems or conflicts.

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